About the Competition Foundation

Mission Statement

The Hunter Mountain Racing Foundation DBA Hunter Mountain Competition Foundation is committed to: • Nurturing the development of Hunter Mountain member Snowboard, Alpine Racing, and Alpine Freestyle athletes. • Providing financial aid to member athletes, enabling them to participate competitively. • Assisting Hunter Mountain member athletes who are progressing to levels of competition beyond their local qualifying events. • Providing educational opportunities to enhance the performance of member athletes. • Providing educational grants for qualifying coaches.

Who we Support

The foundation's goal is to fund the needs of member athletes and their education, as well as furthering their coach’s education. All member athletes are eligible and many have received grants for camps, entry fees, travel, and education. The grant committee has laid out guidelines, which have been voted on by the HMCF Board. Scholarship need and qualification for grants are determined and voted on by the HMCF Board.

Continued Support Needed

As a not-for-profit organization, the Hunter Mountain Competition Foundation counts on the support of individuals and organizations that promote growth and self esteem through development programs and competition teams. With your generous support, the HMCF is able to inspire young athletes as they learn how to achieve their personal best while working as a group. Thanks to this support they have been able to experience things such as camps, better ski/snowboard and performance education. If you or someone you may know would like to contribute, please go to Buy a Brick and select donation. If you know of a business or corporation that would be interested in making a contribution please contact Maryalice Citera at Huntermtnracingfd@aol.com . All the members of the HMCF, their parents, and the directors appreciate your generosity.

Board of Directors


Mary Monahan - President 

Rich Hawks - Vice President  

Jason Anthony - 2nd VP

 Maryalice Citera - Treasurer 

Caroline Tobey - Secretary   

Alexandra Lundberg - Asst. Treasurer   

Michele Streck - Asst. Secretary   


Barbara Breest   

Gary Gal 

Mark Hennenfent   

Mike Matecki 

Bill Murdy 

Natasha Shuster   

Sarah Slutzky